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About Author: Miles J. Varghese
Miles J. Varghese

A relationship-oriented, #innovation-driving, People-loving, Enterprise Sales Executive at @Octopi_TOS. #miamitech #SaaS

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5 Questions with Jay Applewhite

5 Questions with Jay Applewhite, Industry Exchange

Jay Applewhite is the Principal at Industry Exchange, a niche focused industry events and media company based in Austin, Texas. He and his team are responsible for a number of conferences and forums across and throughout the Americas. The events that he and his team produce allow industry experts, investors,

SaaS, The Cloud, and On-Premise Solutions: What Terminal Operators Need to Know

Too often we find software providers touting their cloud capabilities. At conferences you can’t go more than 20 yards without someone mentioning “the cloud”. And time and time again, everyone seems to simply nod their head in agreement - without fully understanding what the term really means. In the
5 Predictions for the Shipping Industry in 2017

5 Predictions for the Shipping Industry in 2017

After an unprecedented 2016, the shipping industry has given us a lot to think about. Trade growth was stagnant in 2016, stuck at 2015 levels of 2.8%. Hanjin left $14B worth of goods at sea. Flexport raised USD $65MM in venture capital to forever change freight forwarding. Uber acquired
The Cloud is Coming: How to Prepare your Port Terminal

The Cloud is Coming: How to Prepare your Port Terminal

Cloud services are dominating the workspace. The average business uses 1,427 cloud services, ranging from Dropbox to Google Cloud to Amazon Web Services. These enterprise cloud services account for 71.3% of the total services in use by the average organization. It is the norm for most businesses. Bottom

5 Questions with Vino Kumar, Tenured Maritime Executive and former Director of Operations & Logistics at CMA CGM (Americas)

From humble beginnings growing up in the waterfront town Port Klang in Malaysia, Vino Kumar’s unique 25+ year career in maritime spans four of the seven continents, with a number of liners, and in a variety of roles from seafarer to on-shore operations. It’s this diverse experience that

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