PRESS RELEASE: Octopi to improve the operations of a port terminal in Haiti.

Cetus Labs, a company specializing in developing software for the shipping industry, has completed the implementation of its Terminal Operating System, called Octopi, for a terminal operator in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. With the new software in place, International Maritime Terminal (IMT) is now the first terminal in Haiti to update their shipping line partners in real-time, via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It will allow IMT and its partners to operate more efficiently by sharing information quicker and planning more effectively. IMT currently works with global shipping lines such as Maersk, Sealand, Crowley, and Antillean Marine.

“We are proud to be the first terminal to implement EDI in Haiti. Our operations have drastically improved since we’ve started working with Cetus Labs. Thanks to their Octopi software and live data dashboard, I can now monitor all my terminal operations from my smartphone or home computer, making it much easier to stay on top of things as I travel for meetings.” says Berenice Baussan, the General manager at IMT. “Our employees have also reported that Octopi has simplified their work by streamlining their operations. The electronic tally seems to be their favorite feature”, she added.

The Cetus Labs team worked with Maersk to integrate Octopi and Maersk’s in-house software via real-time EDI messages. Israel Castillo, Operations Supervisor at Maersk, lead the initiative to modernize the way his team shared information with IMT and was quite pleased with the result: “When setting up a partner to trade data, there are two main elements to work on: the communication connectivity and the actual message. The expertise of the Octopi team over these two topics was superior to what we have seen during other implementations outside of Haiti. They were very quick to turn around with the changes required. Tammy Mount, our IT specialist, was particularly surprised with the flexibility the system offered allowing adherence to our particular requests.”

Mr. Castillo added: “With EDI, our customers in Haiti will have accurate DND invoicing as gate data quality would be updated automatically. Also our local teams will have less data entry tasks allowing them to focus on providing a better customer experience. We would definitely recommend Octopi for other terminals looking into implement EDI.”

About Cetus Labs

Cetus Labs is a software company operating from Miami, Florida and building modern shipping software as a service. Their first product, called Octopi, is a modern Terminal Operating System (TOS) allowing terminal operators to efficiently track the movement of shipping containers, communicate their location with shipping lines in real-time, and maintain an accurate history of cargo movements.