5 Questions with Jennifer Diaz, Founder of Diaz Trade Law

Jennifer Diaz is a board certified international attorney, professor, and professional speaker, who is considered an expert in international law by the Florida Bar. She is proud to be part of an elite group of board certified international attorney in Florida specializing in customs and international trade law.

We met Jennifer at the Caribbean Shipping Association conference at Port Canaveral (May of 2016), and we were blown away by her knowledge of the industry. This is why we asked her to participate in our 5 questions series; find her knowledgeable answers below.

In your opinion, what are the biggest inefficiencies in the global supply chain?

Answer: Lack of knowledge! Tough to get acquainted with vast U.S. laws and with 40+ federal agencies and each having requirements, and consistently updating them, keeping up is essential.

How do you think the new SOLAS Verified Gross Mass regulation will affect the industry in the long term?

Answer: I think there will be finger pointing in the future, and those with contracts in place to put the weight requirement validation process in writing will be the ones in a better position.

How will the ports of Florida be affected by the recent changes in Cuba?

Answer: Port Miami is already busier with Carnival’s Fathom brand sailing to Cuba. I predict more cruise lines and ferry operators will be next, and in the future we’ll see more trade (telecom and building materials as well as imports from private Cuban individuals are up for grabs now – see more on this topic here: http://diaztradelaw.com/cuba/.

What do you think of the trend toward mega-ships?

Answer: Post-Panamax ships are the future – and we’re lucky that Port Miami is now positioned to take advantage. Now, we need more cargo on the ships!

If you could transform into a sea animal, which one would you pick? Why?

Answer: Easy, a dolphin. They rock.


If you would like to know more about Jennifer, visit her at http://www.diaztradelaw.com. If you would like to be interviewed for our 5 questions series, please email us at hello@cetuslabs.com.

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