5 Questions with Jay Applewhite, Industry Exchange

Jay Applewhite is the Principal at Industry Exchange, a niche focused industry events and media company based in Austin, Texas. He and his team are responsible for a number of conferences and forums across and throughout the Americas. The events that he and his team produce allow industry experts, investors, government officials, and C-level executives to foster and exchange industry insights, foster strategic relationships and discuss their plans for the future. It's not often that one individual can have such a huge impact on gas, energy, and maritime industries. Thus, we felt that he would an ideal candidate for our 5Q series. We hope you enjoy.

1. How did you get into the events space with Industry Exchange?

Industry Exchange was formed in 2013 based on a simple idea of bringing industry executives together within specific verticals like energy and infrastructure to discuss the investment opportunities and operating challenges associated with large scale projects in Latin America. With a background in finance and 20+ years of doing business in the region, the event space provides a necessary platform to further develop our relationships and facilitate transactions across borders.

2. What's your biggest takeaway from launching and running these industry events in the Americas?

Latin America has experienced dramatic changes in almost every country in recent years. While new challenges surface, interesting new opportunities develop. A well-organized event can fast track a participant's understanding of the industry and help them be more productive by meeting the right people in a value chain.

We are part of these business communities, and conferences allow us to bring the relationship and the knowledge of these sectors to another level and help share that knowledge to our network.

3. Where do you see the US Oil & Gas industry going? And globally?

The US Oil & Gas industry is in the middle of an innovation phase that is changing the entire sector. Since the industry is highly competitive, it will continue to drive and shape the way businesses operate. The world oil market will continue to thrive in the foreseeable future, but natural gas will become the center of the hydrocarbon energy equation.

With regards to the natural gas industry and specifically Mexico. Rarely are the stars aligned in such a way where a surplus of natural gas from shale production in the US is happening in parallel to mega infrastructure projects that bridge supply with a market like Mexico that possesses such high demand. Pipelines, Ports, and Rail are evolving rapidly to address the demand and provide the market with product.

4. What innovations are you watching closely with ports? And in oil and gas?

The future will see a growing and more powerful integration process of the port business in the supply chain, demanding the heavy use of new technological applications. Automation is not enough. The big problem will be to adapt the bureaucratic process to the possibilities the new technology, like blockchain, offers to the industry. In the O&G sector, the combination of big data and AI will change the way hydrocarbon deposits and explored and developed.

5. Being based in Texas, what ports in Texas have you excited and why?

Ports along the entire eastern seaboard have made significant investments in expanding their capabilities but we think the most interesting port for the energy sector is the Port of Corpus Christi. POCCA has a very focused strategy on becoming the “Energy Port of the Americas” and clearly sees the opportunities that strengthening its trade relationship with Latin America. Their highly favorable location, storage terminal capacity and pipeline and rail connectivity make it a natural fit to bridge supply and demand for US and Mexican companies but also has the potential to become a truly global player in the energy industry.


Industry Exchange is a niche focused industry events and media company. With extended roots into Latin America, the company drives awareness of market opportunities and the complex issues that revolve around them. Participating industry experts, investors, government officials, and C-level executives exchange relevant information on projects, discuss their plans for the future, and build long-term strategic relationships in the process.

The company organized four annual events:
Mexico Energy Infrastructure Projects Forum – Monterrey, Mexico

Mexico Gas Summit – San Antonio, Texas

Latin America Ports Forum – Panama City, Panama

Latin America Energy Summit – Santiago, Chile

For more information on any of these events or general inquiries, contact: info@industryex.com