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About Author: Guille Carlos
Guille Carlos

Guille is the founder of Octopi: a modern, web-based Terminal Operating System (TOS). He is constantly trying to simplify processes and uses data to truly understand customer needs.

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10 Innovative Companies Disrupting the Shipping Industry

Technology does not progress at a linear scale as we humans like to think - it happens exponentially, and the shipping industry is moving along with it. As the industry begins to embrace the opportunities that technology presents, we’re seeing a surge in innovative tech startups vying to modernize
These 3 Proxy Metrics Can Give your Terminal a Competitive Edge

These 3 Proxy Metrics Can Give your Terminal a Competitive Edge

Ask any seasoned executive, and they will tell you that metrics are critical in tracking company performance. We wrote about important KPIs to track in a terminal, but when it comes to operational performance evaluation, management should also be tracking proxy metrics. A proxy metric or variable is an indirect

2017 Shipping Predictions & December News You Might Have Missed

Future of Shipping As we move into 2017, our team has thought a lot about what this year will mean for the shipping industry. We discuss our five predictions in our latest blog. Check it out to find out what we anticipate will happen to terminals, liners, consumers, and more.
Why Clean Data is Important for Port Productivity - Octopi Blog

Why Clean Data is Important for Port Terminal Productivity

In our post, Improve Your Terminal Operations With These 6 Steps, we note how operators must obsess about clean data. In order to measure everything correctly in a terminal, the data must be clean, which means finding, correcting, or removing inaccurate records from your data set. Dirty data, or a
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Improve Your Terminal Operations With These 6 Steps

Octopi’s terminal operating system was implemented at the Port of Port-au-Prince, Haiti to upgrade their existing processes and move to a modern system. The results were drastic, as productivity increased by 50% across the terminals. Data entry time went from 24 hours to 1 minute, the terminals now have

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