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About Author: Guille Carlos
Guille Carlos

Guille is the founder of Octopi: a modern, web-based Terminal Operating System (TOS). He is constantly trying to simplify processes and uses data to truly understand customer needs.

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5 Questions with Jennifer Diaz, Founder of Diaz Trade Law

Jennifer Diaz is a board certified international attorney, professor, and professional speaker, who is considered an expert in international law by the Florida Bar. She is proud to be part of an elite group of board certified international attorney in Florida specializing in customs and international trade law. We met
How Octopi Makes a Terminal Operating System Productive

How Octopi Makes a Terminal Operating System Productive

Port productivity is defined differently by the terminal operators and the customers. However, productivity is one aspect of a Terminal Operating System (TOS) that both operators and customers would like improved. Technological advances can relieve stress and increase the rate and accountability of work in terminals. Octopi is a modern,

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