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5 Questions with Richard Willis

5 Questions with Richard Willis, Port Solutions Ltd.

One of our all-time favorite maritime consultants and technical operations experts, Richard Willis, takes us up the latest edition of our “5 Questions” series, where we ask five thought-provoking questions to influencers in the shipping and logistics industry. It helps all of us to better understand their perspectives, trends they
Why Clean Data is Important for Port Productivity - Octopi Blog

Why Clean Data is Important for Port Terminal Productivity

In our post, Improve Your Terminal Operations With These 6 Steps, we note how operators must obsess about clean data. In order to measure everything correctly in a terminal, the data must be clean, which means finding, correcting, or removing inaccurate records from your data set. Dirty data, or a
How Big Data is Transforming the Shipping Industry

How Big Data is Transforming the Shipping Industry

As the shipping industry begins to embrace the new opportunities that technology presents, collecting data is key for more efficient operations and smarter decision-making. The collection and analysis of big data has the ability to drive transparency across the industry and provide new means of monetization for various service providers.

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