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Work on your terminal, not in your terminal

Work on your terminal, not in your terminal

In his classic business book, The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber popularized the concept of working on your business as opposed to working in your business. It’s a trap a lot of terminal managers and business leaders fall into. They get too busy with the daily grind of running their

All the January Shipping News You Don't Want to Miss

Big news from our team - this month we were featured in Maritime Logistics Professional on our modern, innovative TOS. Take a look at the piece and feel free to share with your followers! Another big announcement in the world of shipping this month is that Amazon is expanding to

The Different Types of Stripping and Stuffing (Infographic)

Ever wonder about the different types of stripping and stuffing at a port terminal? We created an infographic to break down these terms and concepts to help illustrate what happens to cargo at ports. Read on below to learn more shipping industry terms and be sure to share the infographic
The Cloud is Coming: How to Prepare your Port Terminal

The Cloud is Coming: How to Prepare your Port Terminal

Cloud services are dominating the workspace. The average business uses 1,427 cloud services, ranging from Dropbox to Google Cloud to Amazon Web Services. These enterprise cloud services account for 71.3% of the total services in use by the average organization. It is the norm for most businesses. Bottom
How to Choose a Terminal Operating System

What to Consider when Selecting a Terminal Operating System

Times are tumultuous in today’s maritime shipping world and major shipping lines are looking for new ways to maintain profitability as container prices drop. We are seeing more organizational restructuring, new mergers and alliances, and spending cutbacks. Additionally, we are also seeing more joint-ventures between shipping line and terminal

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